JAOO 2005 Panel on the Future of Patterns

This year I am speaking at JAOO. On Monday, September 25 I’ll be participating in a panel on the future of patterns with Markus Völter, Frank Buschmann, Kevlin Henney, and Klaus Marquardt. I know everybody on the panel and thus am looking forward to a lively and interesting discussion. If you’d be interested in participating but cannot make it please post questions as a comment below; I’ll add them to the questions from the audience. After the panel I will try to summarize the discussion here so stay tuned.

One thought on “JAOO 2005 Panel on the Future of Patterns

  1. Dragos Manolescu Post author

    One of the folks attending the JAOO patterns panel asked about the relationship between pattterns and innovation. Both Ralph Johnson and myself answered it. I started by pointing out that my answer will likely show my ignorance to the area that I’m about to talk about. Then I ventured into the land of brain science and pointed out the theory about the brain functions (which earned Roger Sperry a Nobel prize in the 1980s). According to this theory innovation and other creative activities such as painting takes place in the right brain, while generalization and structuring in the left brain. Since patterns deal with the latter my guess is that they’re more of a left brain activity rather than a right brain activity. Therefore, while patterns don’t represent innovation they may act as a catalyst, injecting order into creativity and helping people stand back and generalize.

    On a related subject, Tim O’Reilly gave a talk on Design Patterns for Innovation at this year’s EclipseCon. I didn’t attend EclipseCon but managed to have a look at his slides. Tim used the Alexandrian pattern form to discuss several patterns that have fueled innovation. Many of the successful Web sites who turned 10 this year (e-Bay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo!) employ these patterns. You can find links to Tim’s talk as well as to a commentary in my Patterns Projects page.

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