10 Years After: Developments and Trends in the Patterns World

I gave this talk in the Patterns – Past, present, future track at JAOO, in Aarhus, Denmark.

Most newcomers think that patterns are limited to the topics that made a big splash about 10 years ago. In fact many other patterns and pattern languages are quietly put to work, helping
practitioners solve problems in a growing number of areas such as enterprise architectures, AOP, middleware and grid computing, embedded systems, performance tuning, and so on. In this session I tour some of the most interesting developments and trends in the patterns world based on my experience with editing the 5th volume of the Pattern Languages of Programs book series. This overview will give you insight into current patterns work, prepare you for finding patterns for the problems that you’re interested in, as well as help you position in context patterns that you may consider authoring.

You can download the PDF from my talk list.

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