The Blog-Tag Game

Wojtek blog-tagged me so let’s continue this 21st century pyramid scheme. Here are 5 things you’re not likely to know about me:

  • I have 8 years of classical piano training; I haven’t played the piano in a very long time though.
  • When I was young and foolish I’ve done a bit of rock-climbing.
  • The first framework I’ve ever extended was Digital Research’s CP/M; it came with the source code for the BDOS and a skeleton for the BIOS that provided the 8080 interrupt-driven entry points.
  • My musical preferences span an unusually wide range. For example classical, ethnic, electronic, progressive rock and rock.
  • I like all wheel drive station wagons and dislike motorcycles.

My turn: Greg Wdowiak, Steve Freeman, Paul Brown, Nat Pryce and Brian Foote.

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