Software Engineering Radio Interview

At JAOO 2006 I gave an interview for Software Engineering Radio. Markus Voelter asked me questions about architecture evaluation, the topic of the talk I gave in the architecture quality track. Here are some of the questions that we covered:

  • Why would you perform an architecture evaluation?
  • When should you perform an architecture evaluation?
  • What are the prerequisites for evaluating an architecture?
  • How does architecture evaluation fit with agile development?

The interview is now available as a podcast; you can also download the slides from the Talks section of this site.I am surprised with the quality of the recording: the bartender was removing clean dishes from the dishwasher clese by. I don’t know how much post-processing was done but all that noise is not distracting. It was distracting while we recorded the interview so I’m glad that it doesn’t interfere with the conversation.

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