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Patterns Article in IEEE Software

My article The Growing Divide in the Patterns World (co-authored with Wojtek Kozaczynski, Ade Miller and Jason Hogg) appeared in the Software Patterns issue of IEEE Software (July/August 2007).

Here’s the abstract:

Recently Microsoft’s patterns & practices group conducted a survey that indicates a significant gap between the patterns expert community and the software practitioners attempting to use patterns and leverage pattern thinking in their daily work. As this gap widens it will lead to an irreversible divide between the two communities, and patterns will fail to deliver their potential. In the light of our experience using patterns to package development guidance as well as input from practitioners using patterns we analyze the key causes behind this gap and recommend a set of actions aimed at the patterns community. Bridging this gap will have a dramatic effect on practitioners’ understanding of patterns and their ability to leverage them as the patterns expert community envisions.

More info off their web site (assuming the server is responding, which is not the case now).I’m glad to see that after over 12 years software patterns are still interesting. How many of the hot topics of 1994 are still talked about today?