Monthly Archives: June 2008

Services Without Borders

It’s been a few years since my last vacation overseas. Since then I acquired several e-dependencies on services such as Pandora (see my older post on feature extraction) and Hulu, a service I learned about from my colleague Adam Sheppard (you may have read about Adam on Live Labs’ web site). I discovered that these services don’t work from outside the US:



This is surprising because in both instances the providers know my permanent location from the ZIP code provided when I set up the accounts.

Luckily Pandora and Hulu are not my only options. I am also a Sirius Satellite Radio subscriber, and unlike with the previous accounts that is a paid subscription. Their service did not complain about my accessing it from outside the US. While this finding hasn’t sunk in completely it resonates with what I’m reading in Jonathan Zittrain’s The Future of the Internet (and How to Stop it) about reducing generativity.