Monthly Archives: November 2008

Live Labs Web Sandbox in Your Pocket

A few weeks ago we launched Live Labs Web Sandbox, a preview for a technology that secures Web 2.0. The sandbox runs entirely in the browser, without requiring any browser add-ons or plugins. Consequently we worked hard to make it cross-browser, as the image from my post from 10/23 illustrates.

However the browser no longer belongs to the realm of desktop or laptop computers. Browsers run on mobile phones and offer capabilities on par with their traditional counterparts. We ran the Web Sandbox on the T-Mobile G1 phone, as well as on the iPhone (screenshot below). The samples from the sandbox site execute as they should. When running the overhead benchmarks the QoS layer kicks in a little earlier than on traditional platforms, reflecting the speed differential between the underlying runtimes.

Live Labs Web Sandbox on iPhone