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Online Books

As my list of pointers to free books has started to grow I decided to put it on my web site so I could easily point my friends to it. Here it is, in no particular order for the time being. I have several additional titles that are not within easy reach (the bookmarks, that is). Please do share if you gathered similar pointers.

If I was a stock broker I wouldn’t buy shares in any traditional (i.e., dead-tree) publishing house right now.

Patterns Projects in Progress

I assembled a list of current pattern projects for my JAOO talk 10 Years After: Developments and Trends in the Patterns World (available in PDF form from my talk list). Ralph Johnson encouraged me to publish this list so that interested folks could consult it, and more importantly, update it. Here it is; feel free to add new pointers or comment on the existing ones.

Books in Progress

Other Projects